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REWARDS - CENTS OFF A GALLON (Grundy Center, IA and Tonganoxie, KS)

Brothers Market offers a fuel rewards program at our Grundy Center, IA and Tonganoxie, KS locations.  Please contact our Customer Service Department in your store for more information.



Q.  Why do you ask for my phone number?
A.  We may need to contact you if your card was returned to us or if there is a question on your rewards account.
Q.  What happens if I forgot my card?
A.  If this happens, you may go to customer service and points will be issued on your account.
Q.  Do I need to keep track of my points or my receipts?
A.  No, but you will see your rewards points balance on your receipt each time you shop. 
Q.  How do I check my rewards balance?
  1. Online - If you have not signed in. Click "check balance"
  2. Online - If you have registered online and signed in go to "my rewards"
  3. The bottom of your receipt each time you shop
  4. Have customer service scan your card


Q.  How do I spend my rewards balance?
A.  At our gas pumps.
Q.  What happens if I lose my card?
A.  Please contact customer service at your local store for a replacement.  They will transfer your existing points to your new card.
Q.  Should everyone in my household get their own card?
A.  No.  Each card comes with 3 key tags.  Give other members of your household one, so all your points will go to the same account.  Watch how fast they will ad up.
Q.  Will my personal information be sold.
A.  No.